Soooooooooooo i know a good handful of creative folk in this town and in the spirit of Thanksgiving (even if i think its an f**ed up Holiday, the idea that we should take time to give thanks is what is important) I want to give a shout-out and a thank you to everyone that inspires me, continues to create, and to those that support it. If you haven’t already here are some things you should be paying attention to:


Fall of Adam – Adam D and J.C. are recording some great tracks and are booking right now. 


Josh Carples – Just released his latest solo record “Ghost of a Town”  which is available for download and for purchase AT:

ImageRAD Vinyl Records and More! 

-Supporting local art with style and panache. I hear there are some sweet sales going on for Black Friday, including discounts on 



Hail the Titans – Rock Solid instrumental band from Montgomery, Al. and really cool dudes.


“The Maxx” A Fan made Web Series – A lot of work is going into this project and it deserves some love. Some very dedicated and very talented individuals. 


Death to the World – Shane Gillis and crew are almost done with this slasher masterpiece! Can’t wait for it to hit! 

There are so many others that inspire me and so much to be thankful for. If I left you out I’m sorry, but the Link to the Past Theme has been playing incessantly in the background and I can’t resist it’s call any longer. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. 



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