III. Have we Been Asleep

Have we slept?

 The Body aches today with pains too familiar,

Origins held back to protect,

The sleeping dogs are best left a forgotten memory.

Sights that can’t be unseen and lives that can’t be unlived,

Actions, reactions, fractures and factions,

We push and pull, standing still forever.

Waiting for something to come along and calm the fever.

Wide eyed and awake, has it always been?

Recalling yourself like catching the wind,

Always fleeing just beyond your wisdom.

Like a dream that refuses to end.

Breathe in deep the poison you choose,

Lost in the world you created to lose,

A shepherd in the woods leading no one to nowhere,

And then looking back and wondering how you ever got there.

Have long have we been asleep?

Or have we even slept at all?

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