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The Universe Spoke

Everyone knows Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken is one of the most monumental pieces of poetry from any generation. It speaks volumes about our decisions in life, and helps give us the courage to make tough calls and follow our own path. In the life of a artist, this can be a very frustrating and painful dichotomy. How do we know we’ve made the right decision? “Knowing how way leads on to way,” we don’t often get second chances, and you certainly can’t rewind when things get tough. A life of artistry is that of pain, hardship, and sacrifice. It can be easy to doubt yourself, and when that doubt creeps in, it’s infectious, it’s parasitic. Doubt is your greatest enemy. And life rarely gives you any affirmation of your choices, so its up to us to see the beauty in our choices…our success AND our failures. The last 3 years of my life have been particularly hard for me, but just recently the Universe reached out and reminded me that I am unique, and though my road has been wrought with pain and pleasure alike, it most definitely has made the difference. I may still be a poor artist, but I am rich in experience, and for that I am extremely grateful.

This poem was written Nov. 9 2009.

“Less Traveled”

after coming so far,
he turned back,
saw the distance expanding
where he once tread,
and realized
he couldn’t see the way home.

Miles down the road less traveled
he wonders if the difference made
was the right one.
the overgrown flora begins
to look less like promising unknown
and more like his nightmare.
tangled in the dangling ivy
his limbs grow tired and heavy.
His mind fatigued from
living inside itself.
he begins to falter,
second guess where he never has.

after coming so far,
he turned back,
saw the distance expanding
where he once tread
and wondered how
he could ever find his way home.

On Dec. 14, 2013, I caught up with an old friend from college. Many of my old speech  teammates and friends now have successful careers in their field and I couldn’t be more proud. I love my friends and wish them all the best. I chose a different path. I was once “career oriented” and was definitely “in my field.” But for all the time I spent telling myself THAT is what I wanted, it never really felt true. So I quit.  And i went back to working in a restaurant. But we as people tend to judge ourselves by comparing our successes to those of our peers. Seeing the roads each of us has taken and sharing our stories. This helps to affirm our choices.  When asked what had transpired over the last 3 years besides just writing and blah blah, these are highlights. I surprised myself really. Enjoy, and may your journey bring you as much excitement and fulfillment as you can muster.


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