The Knight in Rusty Armor

“The Knight in Rusty Armor”

The knight in rusty armor
Finds a princess by a lake.
Each day he returns, and each day she waits.

Then limb by limb, he started to peel,
As his armor then changed,
From bronze to fine steel.
He ran to his love
To explain what she’d seen,
But she seemed so confused,
She’d seen no such thing.

He stood there as always,
The knight that she knows.
No rust on his mail,
No change in his clothes.

So off to the castle,
a king he’d soon be.
Never knowing that castles
were so hard to heat.

No matter the season,
The castle was damp,
Because  it was lit by only…
just…a few lamps.

But never did our king rusty knight,
His now queen princess,
Or their little prince mike,
Shiver from cold
Or get get scared in the night.

For their castle was filled with love.

And it warmed their hearts,

Made the dark hallways bright,

And it made that cold castle…
just right.

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