no choice but to walk in circles on synthetic stain-resistant earth. to keep him at bay. nevertheless, chattering fingertips push softly just enough fervor to excorcise these… Phantoms, i suppose. fickle as the morning dew, as unforgiving as God. by another word they are unjustly called, like the carpet beneath me, swimming the chemicals in…

To Take

Originally posted on Ghosts of Creation:
I know what to take to go faster I know what to take to slow down, I know what to take to make me feel smarter, I know what to take to not drown. I know what to take to feel warmer I know what to take to not…


Movies…Films….Books…Music…art…entertainment…work…family…sleep…the weapons we wield to fight off the terrifying realization that something is empty. And it must be filled. When we turn a chapter, change a reel, or select the next track, we are comforted by knowing that the Nothingness is not coming over the horizon. I myself cannot stand long outros in songs and…

My boy Josh has a new album!

May 23! Many thanks to: C. DeWayne Cunningham / Carolyn Jean’s Son Visions Sylvester K. Folks Jen Powell Malerie Bussell and the Seville Beauty & Barber Shop staff via Video announcement – ‘Live at Seville’ EP — josh carples

Back on the Blog!

So I;ve decided that maybe I should get back on the blog when I have the time. I’ve uploaded some videos and if you havent checked the short story and poetry section please do and let met know what you think in a comment! See you all soon! – Nick P