Time to Time

Its so easy when you know just how to read between the lines its like stopping the time when I look in your eyes. Thought it was only situation but after the conversation I know it’s a revelation for me because,   I know we’re breakin all the rules   And I promise I’ll better…

The Knight in Rusty Armor

“The Knight in Rusty Armor” The knight in rusty armor Finds a princess by a lake. Each day he returns, and each day she waits. Then limb by limb, he started to peel, As his armor then changed, From bronze to fine steel. He ran to his love To explain what she’d seen, But she…

Smokin Too Long

Here is one of my all time favorite warm-up songs! It’s old old old song so old i dont know where it came from, (although I first heard Dax Riggs do it live) i do it a few different ways to make it my own.  

Back on the Blog!

So I;ve decided that maybe I should get back on the blog when I have the time. I’ve uploaded some videos and if you havent checked the short story and poetry section please do and let met know what you think in a comment! See you all soon! – Nick P


Movies…Films….Books…Music…art…entertainment…work…family…sleep…the weapons we wield to fight off the terrifying realization that something is empty. And it must be filled. When we turn a chapter, change a reel, or select the next track, we are comforted by knowing that the Nothingness is not coming over the horizon. I myself cannot stand long outros in songs and…